Sunday, September 27, 2015

I am not dead yet

I know you wanted me to be given food poison during my days in detention but God saved me. A correction officer by the name Homestead from Haskell detention said that you are now planing to make my wife pregnant. In Johnson county detention they used to block only my wife's phone calls. Any time I try to call my wife they would turn the phone off. I stayed three weeks without clothes to Change in Haskell detention and a towel to take a shower with I was smelling very bad. 
  Adidapo, Charles, and others who are my frenemy.Thanks for using immigration law to control me,  insult my intelligence, emotional abuse, torturing me physically, and your obstruction of justice, and that affected fairness of justice, which altered fair judicial jurisdiction, its clear and concise   under my stable human mind conditions you had planned all this discrimination where American law and universal law apply and equal justice for all (You used immigration law as a weapon abusers arsenal to destroy me). 

Thursday, September 24, 2015


I have noticed that I am becoming stocked Whenever I go to do shopping in WalMart or wholefoods market. I have hard that my car right side wheel was loosened after I bought it so that I can die on the highway by the same people who had me detained by immigration for more than nine months.
Here are the name's of the people who were involved Adidapo, Charles, and few others. Who are praising themselves for putting me on immigration hold (use of immigration law as an abusers arsenal).

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Use of immigration law as an abusers arsenal

I was apprehended by custom enforcement officers at my place of residence. One morning it was a beautiful, blue sky, summer dry wind was browsing from the East, I was looking through the Windows opening of my apartment;  I saw an object that looked like dummy  of a plane reassembling Boeing 787. This object I later came to understand that it was actually the drone technology that had been sent on a mission to bridge my privacy. In a reconcile detective manner. I never knew I was that huge of an individual to this part of the world. I noticed was being watched by presumed harmless object that could follow my trail everywhere I go.
A cool day was suddenly turned into a shocking sad day shocker of my life. I must say I have never been suspected or held in custody by any law enforcement agency both in the U.S.A or abroad, overseas. This experience opened my eyes to search for the profound answers to my nagging questions.
Every human being has friends, just like a park of German shepherds can smell a "related" park of dogs. It has the sixth sense to smell it's enemy from among those many other dogs. It came to my consent that I have friends, enemies, and frenemies. I would like to address the letter I believe you already have knowledge of the preceding two subjects. 
Frenemies are those camouflaged, chameleon traits biddies back in the hood, work place setting, neighbours, colleagues in college, church members the list is endless. This clique of individuals framed me, maliciously set traps on me, like a viral infection, a cancerous condition as a resistant vampire they came "hard" on me pinned me down and watched as I suffocate without remorse towards me. I am meant to open my in-depth  wisdom and understanding all that glitters is not always Gold rather it may resemble Gold, but remember it's not Gold.